Drunkards Path Patchwork Lap Quilt Made with I-Spy Fabrics


This modern patchwork quilt will brighten up any room with its modern and fun colours, the fabric circles are popping on a pale background!

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The bright fabrics are great to use as an i-spy game with little ones, it features lambs, mermaids, forests, castles and loads more. When my daughter was little she used to love this game and enjoyed making up stories about the characters on her quilts!

The prints I’ve used for this pattern are designed by Cotton + Steel, I’ve came to love using their fabrics for their fun prints and brilliant colour palette.

The quilt measures approximately 37.5″” x 37.5″ or 95cm x 95cm and is the perfect size for a story time baby blanket to cuddle a little one with, for making a patchwork blanket fort for playing in and when they are worn out by playing it will be a lap quilt or sofa throw for watching movies under; multi use patchwork throws are the best!

Care instructions
When this quilt needs washing just pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cool cycle, the one you would use for delicates, then line dry or tumble dry on a cool setting. The more it is washed the more texture the quilting will add to it.

This quilt is homemade (or handmade depending on where in the world you’re from!) by myself in my smoke free home and it is ready to ship out to you today.

If you would like a similar quilt in a different size or colours please feel free to use the “Contact” option above the photographs to send me a message and we can work together to create a quilt you will love!

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